The mission of Las Dos Chicas is to inspire cultural acceptance and awareness among students and young adults  through the understanding of similarities across all of humanity and through the appreciation of differences among people.  We want to inspire all students to experience our world through travel.

We carry out our mission by providing an informal cultural experience through our Minds-A-Wander series and related lesson plans. These materials, appropriate for grades 5-12, address state and federal educational standards and are an effective means of dispelling stereotypes while nurturing student interest in the culture and people of other countries.

Las Dos Chicas also provides financial scholarships for college students majoring in global studies and/or foreign languages who desire to participate in study abroad programs. Study abroad provides a powerful learning experience that allows a student to view life from a different perspective. If only every student had an opportunity to take part in such a life altering experience. Experiences of new cultures and ideas enables students to learn about themselves, which fosters understanding and compassion for those around them. The scholarship fund is sustained by community support, donations and sponsorship.

Las Dos Chicas is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization, a scholarship foundation and cultural education resource center.

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